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How to Choose the Best Swimsuit According to Your Body Type?

Women have different body types; we have an hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, or even oval body shape. We celebrate all body types and appreciate how different we all look. If you are going for a swimsuit that will flatter your body, curves, and shape, various swimsuit designs for different body shapes are below.

  • Swimwear for Pear Shape

A pear shape is when your hips are more extensive than your bust and have a more well-defined waist. When looking for the best swimsuit, you have to find one that disguises your hips since they are relatively noticeable. Look for a swimsuit that has patterns or stripes to help create an illusion of a fuller bust.

  • Swimwear for Inverted Triangle Shape

A body with slim hips, legs, broad shoulders, and bust is considered an inverted triangle body shape. Most times, there is not a definition of the waist. For this body shape, one has to concentrate on patterns that add dimensions to the hips and minimize the sizeable bust appearance.


  • Swimwear for Hourglass Shape

An hourglass shape is where the hips and bust are almost the same sizes with a defined waist. This shape goes well with swimsuits that accentuates the waist and has minimal weight on the bottom and the bust. It works better with bold prints, patterns, and colors to enhance the curves.

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