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Waist Training Essentials – Here’s what you should Know (Part I)

Annabelle Cundangan

Posted on April 15 2016

For those looking to enhance their already curvaceous figure, the concept of waist training can seem daunting. With a corset-style trainer that is sure to bring back all the memories from your favorite Victorian-era movie, the armor look can seem satisfying but the effort behind it can be enough to scare you.

So for the beginners in waist training, what should they know before they don that trainer and strut out in to the world with pride? To help, we at 1800cinchers are going to provide you with some important know-how so you can wear your waist trainer with ease.

What You Should Know about Waist Training

1.      Your Waist Will Look Slim

Yes, that tiny waist you see in mirror is yours. Waist trainers give an instant effect as they bring all the loose muscle in your body together and constrict them to give a more refined shape. Practically, waist trainers will show you your natural waist so you can work hard to gain it in reality.

2.      You Will Get a Higher Self-Esteem

Working out while wearing a waist cincher will give you great results as your body will start getting used to the weight loss. Now, while working out with a waist cincher is something you should talk to your fitness trainer or doctor about, wearing it will encourage you to achieve the figure you desire.

3.      You Will Be Thirsty

While working out, you will notice that you’re getting thirsty quite often. Yes, this is because of your waist training. When working out, your body temperature will increase and make you produce excessive sweat. And by wearing a body slimmer or a waist cincher while working out, your body will be constricted so it will try to provide you with more hydration i.e. more sweat. This in turn, will cause you to feel thirsty. In this case, it is important that you stay fully hydrated.

4.      You CANNOT Use it if you are Still Growing

Because of celebrity endorsements, many people are actually using waist cinchers without even knowing if their body can get used to it or not. According to doctors, waist training requires that you reach full adult age before you consider using a waist cincher or any other body shapewear. Since those of a younger age would still need time for their body and muscles to fully develop, wearing a waist trainer might actually hinder that growth, instead of adjusting it.

5.      You Will Get Addicted

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, the image of that tiny waist will be enough to make you get addicted to your body slimmer. Just remember that the recommended time for wearing a waist trainer is 2-10 hours a day. So before you think about wearing that trainer 24/7, keep in mind that wearing a trainer for long periods of time will only weaken your core muscles.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for the next part to find out more about waist training.

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