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5 Essentials for Your Beach Fashion Kit

Cross Sell

Posted on September 26 2016

If you’re thinking of spending the winter in more tropical climates this year, you need a beach fashion kit that helps you in your quest to enjoy the warmth of the sun against your skin.

Here, we bring you to 5 essential things that you would otherwise be lost without on your beach escapades.

Must-Haves for Your Beach Fashion Kit

1.     Ribbon Hair Ties

Hair stylists recommend using ribbon hair ties for proper hair care. Meant to keep your hair from breaking, these ties can help you in dismantling those tangles after a bout of snorkeling or diving. And since we all know the pain that comes from unknotting our hair after coming out of the water, the ribbon tie will smoothly come off, without ripping your follicles. If you care for your hair, this is a priority item.

2.     Tote Bag

Tote bags were made for the beach. We women have to take a number of things when we hit the beach. And whether we want to pack light or heavy, we can always depend on our tote bag to get the job done. Along with our body care essentials, we also need a safe place for our wallet, cell-phone, keys and hat. So using a canvas tote bag is just the thing for you.

3.     Waterproof Phone Cover

This is a must. When near the sea, you cannot put your expensive phone at risk. We recommend using a waterproof pouch or a proper waterproof phone cover to keep the water away. Ideal for damp and humid conditions, the moisture can deteriorate your electronics quickly. Try to protect them from rain, accidental drops into water as well as humidity.

4.     Flip Flops

These flip-flops protect your feet against the scorching sun. You need to find the right pair that will suit your needs. Proper footwear for the beach is essential so buy flip-flops that aren’t just stylish but also comfortable and easy to put on. Along with boots and booties, we offer gorgeous styles in flip-flops that you can wear on the beach. And with a variety of designs available, you will have the best pick from the bunch.

5.     Your Favorite Bikini

Is your favorite style a high waisted bikini or are you a fan of the one-piece bathing suits? Whichever you choose, always keep a swimsuit that offers fashion and comfort.

You can opt to have a mix and match style if you’re more into a distinctive look, but keep in mind to match the occasion. So if you’re going for a lounge by the pool or a swim in the ocean, you may need to choose a suit accordingly.

And there you have it - the 5 essentials you need in your beach kit.

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