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Fit, Not Fat – Why You Should Be Proud of Your Curves

Annabelle Cundangan

Posted on March 11 2016

Almost all women, at point in their lives, have wished for those superstar bodies that grace the covers of magazines. Truth be told, are those graceful, lithe bodies really the only form of beauty? We dare to disagree!

Contrary to what the media likes to believe, being skinny is NOT a form of womanly beauty. And for those who argue that a slim body appeals more to the opposite sex, a study showed that men actually lean more towards those women who have fuller figures, and find hourglass figures to be sexier.

So much so, that it was concluded that a curvy body had the same effect on men as drugs. And that’s not all.

In a study conducted by Danish scientists, they concluded that having curves allows the body to have a store for adiponectin, which is a protein hormone that has anti-inflammatory effects and is also associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks.

So with such information at hand, is it really wise to still think that being slim is the way to look your best? Maybe not!

The BMI of it All

An argument that being curvy might be unhealthy is that it can result in a higher BMI, which is body mass index. However, this has also proven to be wrong, since the BMI does not calculate your muscle mass or bone density in the complete weight.

For example, although the 5’6” Beyonce has been classified as a ‘curvy’ celebrity, her body mass index comes at 21 which is perfectly healthy and within range. However, with the other super skinny celebs around, Beyonce’s stature makes her look shapelier. But as this example proves, just because a person is curvy, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are fat.

Maintaining Your Curves

As a company that provides body shapewear for women, customers rely on 1800cinchers to get them the right waist trainers and body shapers for hourglass figures and cinched waists.

As such, we try to give not only the best body shapers out there, but also the most beneficial. We don’t rely on telling a customer that they’d look better if they lost weight.

Instead, we help them celebrate their bodies by providing them with the instruments needed to show off their best assets. And by providing the right guidance, we help them gain more confidence in themselves so they can walk down the street with their heads held high.

Want to know more about how the right body shapewear can help you get your dream body? Go ahead and explore our lingerie collection and embrace your curves.

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