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Exercise Tips for Busy Mom at Home

Juliana Richards

Posted on August 16 2017

In today’s fast moving world, it becomes quite difficult to manage everything in life including; health, work and entertainment, for mothers, it becomes even more hectic to dedicate time to exercise and workouts as they have to manage the household, children and work. Here are a few interesting tips for all the busy moms out there that would like to maintain their health along with their busy schedules. If you’re a busy mother who finds it difficult to dedicate time for exercise, these tips will definitely be useful.

When you are in or around the house

  1. If you go to pick up newspaper in the mornings, go around the street and have a short walk for about 5 minutes from one corner to the other.
  2. Do some standing push-ups when cooking or when your food is getting boiled. You can stand away from your kitchen counter and push your arms and hands against the counter.
  3. If you’re taking care of a sick child or older grandparents, you can exercise on a treadmill while they are asleep.
  4. You can also try jumping jacks for 5-10 minutes, this helps with burning a lot of calories.

When you are waiting

  1. If your child is playing any outdoor sports, you can have a walk around the field.
  2. When your child is learning his/her music lessons or any other indoor activities, you can walk around the blocks of the building.
  3. If you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment, you can walk around the clinic or the hospital.
  4. A trip to park with your child can be turned into a mini workout place. You can run to catch the fly balls or throw a ball from one direction to the other.

When you are at work

  1. When you take a break, try climbing the stairs for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. If you plan to dine out for your lunch, walk to the restaurant on the route that is a bit far from your workplace.
  3. If there is a meeting to be held in the other building, you can leave 5-10 minutes early, or spend time later and walk around.

When you are watching TV

  1. You can change the TV channels by keeping away the remote and getting up and manually changing them just like in the past when remotes did not exist.
  2. During the advertisements, you can stand up and jog for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Put up music channels and dance like you did in your childhood.
  4. You can also lift smaller weights or perform leg exercises while you are watching your favorite TV shows.

When you are travelling

  1. When travelling or going on vacations, don’t forget to pack your sneakers and your fitness DVD. Make sure the room you stay in has a DVD player or ask the hotel to rent you one.
  2. While travelling by a car, make sure that you take short breaks after every few hours. Do some stretches or take small walks around to free up your body.
  3. If you have to book a hotel room, book it between 5th to 8th floors. Avoid using elevators and climb the stairs to your room.
  4. If you are inside the lifts, do a few calf stretches and you are good to go.
  5. If you have a layover at the airport, do not use the moving carpets that help the passengers to travel from one place to another.

These were a few tips and tricks that you can look forward to if you are a busy mother and find it difficult to dedicate time for exercising. You will definitely notice a change in your health and lifestyle if you follow these regularly.

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