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How to Pick the Right Sweat Suit for Your Body

Juliana Richards

Posted on August 04 2017

A hard and tiresome workout can make you feel exhausted, sore, tired and will have you covered in sweat. The type of clothing you wear during your workouts will make a lot of difference on how you feel afterwards. There are many factors that can influence how comfortable your workout clothes are, for example, the material it is made from or if they are right for the kind for your exercise routine. Here is a guide how you can pick the correct plus size sweat suits:

  1. Choose the right fabric

    • Choose breathable fabrics that evaporate the sweat from your body and helps it to cool down quickly. The synthetic fabrics that contain polypropylene are great for workouts that make you sweat a lot. These fabrics not only evaporate sweat from your body, but also make sure that your clothes do not get soaked in the sweat and make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty.
    • Cotton absorbs sweat from your body, however it doesn’t make the sweat evaporate quickly. Cotton clothing can therefore make you feel wet and heavy during workouts.
    • Avoid non breathable fabrics. Never wear clothing that are made up of plastic or rubber based materials as they prevent the sweat from evaporating from your body. They also keep the temperature of your body too high during workout.
  2. Make sure it fits right

    • You should always wear clothing that are comfortable and loose, however if you are planning to go biking or running, avoid wearing loose or wide-legged pants as they can get tangled in the pedals or in your feet.
    • For performing activities like Pilates or Yoga, wear fabrics that are fitted well and stretchable enough to keep the sweat at par from your body.
    • Basically, make sure that you choose sweat suits that do not act as a hindrance to your activities.
  3. Keep changing with the seasons

    • Always keep in mind that if you are into playing seasonal sports or exercising outdoors, what you wear during that particular season plays a very important role.
    • For hot summers, make sure that you choose clothes that keep sweat away from your body and make your skin breathable. Wear sweat suits that keep your body cool and make you feel comfortable.
    • During the cold weather, you need clothes that will keep your body warm. However, keep in mind that working out will boost up your body temperature and heart rate. Make sure that you dress up in layers which you can remove easily and also keep in mind the temperature that is warmer than the actual temperature outside. You can wear a sweat absorbing fabric as your inner layer and top it up with a body warmer outside. Make sure to cover your feet, hands and head properly to protect them from the cold temperature.
    • An outdoor workout or exercise can be easily ruined by strong winds or heavy rains. You can always wear an outer layer that protects your body from such elements.

These were a few tips to guide and help you choose the best plus size sweat suit for yourself for that perfect workout. Make sure you keep these things in mind before investing in one and you’ll not feel tired and exhausted after your workouts.

How to Pick the Right Sweat Suit for Your Body

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