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Small Tops – How to Buy the Best Bikini for Your Small Bust

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Posted on September 28 2016

For ladies with smaller busts, it can be quite frustrating to find tops that do absolutely nothing to bring out your curves. But with a little advice from BodyFab and our collection of gorgeous swimsuits, you can use our guidance to find the best swimsuits to help you strut on that beach with confidence.

Buying the Best Bikini for Your Bust

Before we dive into this discussion, understand that each of our recommendations accommodate various body types as well as smaller bust. Since no two bodies are alike, you can use these tips and tricks to ensure that your swimsuit shows you off in the best way.

Be Content With Your Body

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. There’s no need to hide your bust. If you’re looking to create a cleavage, wear a structured top or a bikini with an underwire bra. Don’t think about adding padded cups or fake fillers. They may come across as unreal, even from afar.

Be Brave with Colors

The main goal is to distract the eyes from focusing too much on your lack of cleavage. Use bold prints, splashes of colors and even ruffles to add an element of fun, rather than using a simple, solid color.

Know Which Trend Suits You

If a tiny top or unique shape suits your style, keep it with you. Embrace styles that have always suited you and explore their fashion world. Since support for your bust isn’t what you’re going to be focusing on, you can easily play around with fun cuts and try some daring designs.

Swimsuits for Different Body Types

·        Athletic Built

For ladies with an athletic build, your suit needs to create curves and push up your bust line. In this case, search for either a two piece with some lovely ruffles or go for a one-piece bathing suits that offer simple padded cups and daring side cutouts that give off the illusion of bigger busts.

·        Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women want to balance out their bigger butts with an ample bust. Choose a swimsuit with a solid color that has a print on top to really bring the eyes up and away from your hips and rear. For one-piece suit lovers, try searching for a solid color that goes over one-shoulder so that it draws the attention to your cleavage.

·        Overall Small

Ideally, triangle tops are the best for smaller busts. Order a top with simple padding so that you can take advantage of your already small breasts and bring them up. Triangle tops will enhance your bust and bring the attention upwards.

Swimsuits for all body types are available at BodyFab. So don’t wait! Browse through our best swimsuit collection today and buy a bikini that will bring out the best in you.


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