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8 Tips to Make Your Favorite Swimsuit Last Longer

Juliana Richards

Posted on July 27 2017

Chlorine and hot water can be harsh on the swimming suits. Finding the perfect swim suit itself is difficult and tricky, and you would obviously want it to last at least for more than one season. Taking care of your plus sized swimsuits starts when you choose the perfectly fitted one so that it doesn’t stretch over a short period of time along with giving you immense comfort. You should try to avoid certain things that you might be doing to your swim suits in order to increase their life span. Here are a few tips to make your favorite swimsuit last longer:

  1. Before you enter the pool, take a shower with fresh water

    When your swimsuit is already wet with clean water, it will absorb comparatively less chlorinated water and will add more life span to it.

  2. Hand wash your swimsuits and not by an electric machine

    Experts recommend hand washing over machine wash as if you put your swimsuit in a washing machine, the detergent will damage the material and the delicate parts like cups, bows, ties, etc. This will shorten its life span.

  3. Do not dry your swimsuit in the sun

    Leaving your swimsuit to dry in the sun affects the elasticity of the material, bleaches and fades away the colors. Therefore, to increase durability, air dry is highly recommended.

  4. Do not put your wet swimsuit on a hanger to dry

    Leaving your swimsuit to dry on a hanger causes all the built up chemical to settle at the bottom of the suit. This causes the bottom to be more prone general wear and tear. This can be avoided by simply laying it suit flat or hanging it over a chair to dry.

  5. Rotate your swimsuits

    Try to have more than 2 swimsuits so that you won’t have to repeat the same suit each time you go swimming. By doing this, it will increase the life of all your suits and you will be able to wear them for a longer time.

  6. Always wash your swimsuit in cold and clear water

    Never use hot water to wash your swimsuit, this has proven to be unsafe. Always use cold clear water after every use and avoid too many dips to prevent it from wear and tear.

  7. Squeeze your swimsuit after rolling it in a dry and clean towel

    Roll up your swim suit gently in a clean, dry and light colored towel after use and squeeze it to remove excess water. However, make sure that your wet suit is not left in the towel or your bag because if it stays in contact with moisture for a long time, it creates a bad odor and damages it.

  8. Always sit on a dry towel

    If you sit on a place next to a pool or a hot tub like wooden benches, ground, or any kind of rough surface, make sure that you lay a dry towel onto it and then sit. These surfaces can damage the fabric of your swimming suit and make it prone to wear and tear.

These were a few tips to assist in the protection of your plus sized high waist swimsuit and make them last longer. Inculcate these habits every time you go swimming and you will definitely fall in love with your swimsuit whenever you wear it. You would also be amazed how these tips will make it last longer so you won’t have to invest in them so frequently.

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