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Try Our BodyFab Slim Gel

Whitney Marquise Acoff

Posted on May 15 2017

If you’ve tried our Sweat Vest already, then you have to enhance your experience, by using our Slim Gel. Exclusively sold and produced by BodyFab, the BodyFab Slim Gel, will definitely help you burn that extra belly weight. Think of it as pressing the booster button on your already accelerated weight loss plans. The key is the Green Tea that’s added, because Green Tea is amazing for eliminating belly weight. There’s also Aloe infused as well, to help smooth and heal your skin.

The Slim Gel contains crystals that works hard to give you the best results for your body. When you rub the crystals onto your body, they will begin to automatically target your problem areas. You can almost feel them doing their magically instantly! What makes our BodyFab Slim Gel so special is that it contains Bladderwrack. Bladderwrack, or Seaweed, is often used to combat issues with thyroid disorders. This plant also works wonders by drastically changing the appearance of aging scars, and insect bites.

Just rub this gel onto your belly in a circular motion for about 15 seconds, then wrap your Sweat Vest. After that you can sit back and relax. Activities that get your heart rate up, such as cleaning and mild to moderate exercises, produce the best results.

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