How Long Should You Have to Wear a Waist Trainer?


In the Victorian era, waist training was an embraced culture, and every woman had a corset in their wardrobes back then. Once again, having a cinched waist has become the norm in our society. Waist trainers help reduce the size of your waist and give you an hourglass body shape. When wearing a waist shaper, don't expect an overnight result. Just as the name suggests, you provide your belly with a form, and the waist trainer eventually trains your waist to look thinner. It takes time but ultimately, you will notice a change in your belly size.


With its massive popularity and the significant role it plays in losing belly fat, many people don't know how long they should wear their waist cincher. The primary goal of a waist trainer is to wear it for as long as you are comfortable. The key is to be comfortable. Do not wear it too tight. BodyFab has size charts on each product page to assist you in selecting the perfect fit. We also reach out to each customer to confirm their dimensions to help pin point the perfect size.

Some people are not comfortable wearing waist trainers for long periods of time. You can decide to wear it in sessions or all through to a certain number of time.
BodyFab recommends wearing your waist trainer shapewear for at least 4-6 hours a day or more; you can break these hours into sessions of two, three, or four.
You can wear it in the morning or when hitting the gym for two hours, and in the afternoon till the evening

Another note, to avoid harshness or tightness on your skin, please feel free to wear your waist trainer on top of a shirt or tank top.