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How to Choose the Best Swimwear for Pear Shaped Body.

How to Choose the Best Swimwear for Pear Shaped Body.

We all want a swimsuit that perfectly fits and flatters our bodies without making us feel uncomfortable or not sexy. When shopping for a bathing suit, it's advisable to know your body shape. What is a pear-shaped body type? Pear body type or 'triangle body type' is when a woman's body is wider at the hips, with a small bust and narrowed down shoulders. Triangle body types usually have narrow shoulders that are in proportion to the hips.
We mostly get queries on the best way to choose bathing suits for pear-shaped body types. Here's a guide on how to choose the best bathing suits for pear shapes.
Pear Body Type
Bikinis for Pear Shape

Pear body types tend to have small to medium-sized breasts. It's advisable to gravitate towards halter and bandeau tops, padded and push-up bikinis that emphasize your bust. It's also safe to opt for bold, sexy patterns, ruffles, and textures that add volume to your bust area.
For a pear shaped body type high waisted bikini bottoms usually add emphasis to the curves and waist; it also adds coverage for your hips and butt. It is flattering and adds some sexiness to your swimwear outfit.
As a pear shaped woman, it's best to avoid bikinis with side ties and those with waistbands at the hips. Instead, go for high-rise bikini bottoms.

One Piece Bathing Suit for Pear Body Type

Cut out one-piece swimsuit are usually the best bathing suits for pear shapes, they sculpt the midsection and enhances your features, so does the off-shoulder designs. One thing for sure is V neck, and U neck will flatter your body and emphasize your features. Go for one-piece swimwear with light patterns at the chest region and darker patterns at the waist.